It all started one October afternoon six years ago, when a girl offered to bring the Jane Austen Book Club DVD to school and watch it together in class. Then this idea came out of the blue: Why don’t we meet on a regular basis to discuss about the English books we’ve been reading?

      We started meeting once a month to discuss a number of novels popular with the teenagers studying at the National College “Gheorghe Lazar”. Every now and then, the respective films were being watched, commented upon and contrasted with the books they were based on.

      All this until another October morning this time, six years later, when another bunch of English books and films enthusiasts decided that all they needed was a teens’ magazine of creative writing in the English language, similar to the old, 1990’s The A-Teen. After some consideration, they decided upon eMAGine The Impossible Dream.

      Today, we are just another English Club. 

      But ‘tomorrow is another day’ and who knows? Maybe we’ll invite you to the first Jane Austen Society of Bucharest.


                                              Rodica Dinca

                                              English Teacher

You can read the complete paper based issues at our college library. Also visit us at theenglishbookclub.wordpress.com.

In this issue:

 • The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen by Syrie James


• Book Reviews: Never Let Me Go, by K. Ishiguro (D. Gavril); Jonathan Livingston Seagull by R. Bach (A.C. Popescu, C. Sapoiu); The Hunger Games (A. Popovici)

 • Romania Under Western Eyes: The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks


• Original Prose: Strange Things in a Garden, by Andrada Bogeag; A Twilight to Remember, by Ana-Maria Negoita; Forever and For Always, by Teodora Agarici


• Creative Writing Competition